The Technology

Nuheart AS is in the business of developing and commercializing a radical, new heart pump device technology (ventricular assist device, VAD). Its technology is proprietary, with relevant patents granted or submitted.

With the incidence and prevalence of heart failure increasing at epidemic proportions, the need for better VAD solutions is urgent. There is an established market for VAD, which is expected to grow exponentially worldwide. The benefit of Nuheart’s VAD solution has been recognized by experts, and the technology has been described as radically novel and groundbreaking.

“Nuheart” is an implantable miniature VAD that can provide long-term, full circulatory support without requiring surgery. It is comprised of a heart pump + delivery system kit, including delivery catheters, pump with driveline, and external controller and battery pack. Nuheart’s novel, catheter-based VAD delivery, placement and function will set a new state-of-the-art in the safe and minimally-invasive treatment of heart failure patients.

The non-surgical feature of the Nuheart concept provides the company with the potential to become a global game changer, not only providing a better solution to heart failure patients that are currently eligible for VAD treatment, but also expanding the VAD indication to patient groups with less severe heart failure. The Nuheart VAD will save lives, improve quality of life, and reduce the cost of health care.

Nuheart has initiated joint R&D projects with a elect group of research institutions and companies with the purpose to fully develop and commercialize the Nuheart technology in the global VAD market.

In 2017, Nuheart will continue with its preclinical program and initiate design verification testing, following an ambitious schedule leading up to first-in-man trials.



Latest in-vivo studies demonstrate delivery and implantation goals.
  • Pump delivered in ~45 minutes via a catheter based system inserted through the femoral vein compared to conventional VADs requiring  3+ hour open heart surgery, opening the chest,  and placing the patient on a heart-lung machine.
  • Minimal blood loss (0-50ml) during entire implant procedure – compared to frequent need for multiple blood transfusions with current VAD implants.
  • Nuheart has successfully performed survival tests with stable animals post procedure.
  • Nuheart has initiated hemolysis testing on its pump technology with promising preliminary results.
In 2017, Nuheart will continue with its preclinical program and initiate design verification testing, following an ambitious schedule leading up to first-in-man trials.

Nuheart represents a groundbreaking new concept for the failing heart, where the fully percutaneous LVAD connects the left atrium with the aorta.

– Magnus Settergren, MD, PhD, Director of Interventional Cardiology, Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden