A New Paradigm Shift

Nuheart represents a paradigm shift on a major frontier in the treatment of cardiac diseases.

Market observations

  • Heart Failure (HF) is the main frontier in cardiology, with an estimated worldwide HF population of 26 million patients.
  • The device allows for a rapid treatment, tailored to the patient’s need.
  • Device-based approaches will likely be the prefered solution, but the current device concepts only address limited patient populations and thus have poor market penetration.

Nuheart advantages

  • Nuheart represents the first non-invasive yet full support VAD concept, meaning that it does not require surgery while providing heart support in line with more invasive alternatives.
  • The device offers well defined, intuitive, stepwise and quick treatment.
  • Future potential for a fully implantable VAD and power system with Intravenous Energy Tranfer (IVET).
  • Nuheart will address a greater patient population as well as increased clinical scenarios in one device.

“The technique of creating a percutaneous atrial-aortic connection, in my opinion, is one of the major novel aspects of Nuheart […] The placement of a pump located in the central axis of an occluder type device is the second major novel aspect of Nuheart.”

Paul A. Gurbel (MD, FACC)

Director , Sinai Center for Thrombosis Research

“Nuheart represents a ground breaking new concept for the failing heart; where the fully percutaneous LVAD connects the left atrium with the aorta.”

Magnus Settergren (MD, PhD)

Director of Interventional Cardiology , Karolinska University Hospital and Karolinska Institutet

Nuheart represents a groundbreaking new concept for the failing heart, where the fully percutaneous LVAD connects the left atrium with the aorta.

– Magnus Settergren, MD, PhD, Director of Interventional Cardiology, Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden